Kinderville Inc., owns and manages children's daycare centres preschools  in Canada and the UAE. It also assists in management and operations of Daycare Centres and Private Primary Schools owned by others.  Our management assistance is open to non related companies and includes a range of services, from Inception and project management to Quality Control and day to day management assistance.  

Currently, we provide management and consulting services to several daycare centres. Centres that meet our Quality Standards are permitted to display the Kinderville Logo and use our web based Management Software.

Please contact us, if you wish to retain our management services.

Kinderville to open centres overseas Print E-mail
Kinderville will open its Pre-Schools and Children's Daycare centres in Dubai over the next six months. Following an approval by the Dubai Education Council in April, Kinderville's management announced thatr it will bring Kinderville’s education systems, brand names and management processes to the United Arab Emirates with the objective of establishing children’s early learning centres, pre schools, primary schools and secondary schools in the United Arab Emirates.

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New Centres in Dubai

We have opened two new centres in Dubai. Located in the Health Care City and in the Dubai Investment Park, these will deliver quality Preschool Education services. Kinderville is amongst the very few Preschools in Dubai that will be fully licensed by KHDA, a Dubai Government Licensing Authority. For information on admissions and fees, please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it